While I personally like the idea of a page full of my witty comments about how wonderful I think my own writing is–I figured that might be a bit nauseating for you. Instead, I figured you might prefer to see what other readers think–which is why I created this page. Here are a few Testimonials

Testimonials for How to Build a Website and Publish Your First Page in Less Than 5 Minutes

how to build a website and publish your first page

I needed a new website and thought I would be the one to build it from the installed WordPress. But I chickened out and had someone else install the shell and template, with the intention to install the content, etc. After feeling a little skirmish I found “Beginners Guide to Improving Your WordPress Website” on Amazon and after reading the first chapter – which is about all one can read on Amazon – I downloaded it to my computer and started to read it right away. As a matter of fact I got just past the ┬ásection on giving feedback for the book, and took a break to do just that.
I am impressed with the simplicity and the key points, some of which I had already incorporated. This is a succinct book and I look forward to continuing with it to complete my site.
Who knows maybe I will report back after I am finished to give an update. But don’t wait until then to start on your own journey, it is full of helpful information to help you navigate to
the key points that are vital for website creation success. Thank you Al Ulrich for your humor and sharing your experiences.

As someone who manages three websites, I can tell you it’s not always an easy task. But what Mr. Ulrich has done is MAKE it easy! With flair and skill he presents the steps to getting starting with your own website in clear and concise language. Honestly, it’s one of the best beginner books on this (or any other) topic I’ve ever read. I HIGHLY recommend it!
-Ty Drago (posted on Amazon)

This book [How to Build a Website and Publish Your First Page in Less Than 5 Minutes] will save you untold hours researching options and software and get you started with minimal start-up costs. The book is genuine, humorous, and most importantly, helpful.
-Trault (posted on Amazon)

I was pleasantly surprised how easy to follow and clearly the author takes you through the process while providing very helpful tips
-Patrick Riley (posted on Amazon)

A must-read for anyone interested in initial website design!
-John D Evans (posted on Amazon)

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